Friday, June 8, 2007

What else could google add to orkut

Google has merged several of it's services let's look at them.

-> Friend map -It started with Google Map for us to now where one's friend are & was called " Friend map " i.e if you live in US you are visible on the map (still it's only for us). Read more

-> Gtalk- It integrated Gtalk for it's user to chat. Read more.

-> Goolgl Video/ YouTube - It added video feature called "Orkut video" after acquiring YouTube . It allowed users to to add video from Youtube & Google video.Read more.

-> Google reader - It added "Feed reader" service similar to Google reader. Read more.Read more

-> Picasa- It allowed users to show their Picasa web album in Orkut @ their profile.Read more

->Blogger- It had lacked blogging feature so it allowed users to show their blog(only feed) in Orkut @ their profile.Read more

Most of the users before mid 2006 used Gmail account for orkut .

Things that it could add in future is

-> Google Calender.-This seems to be possible soon.

-> Jotsopt-

-> Dodgeball-This seems to be possible soon as it's already launched mobile comminucation in Brazil. In future it could add all the features of dodgeball into orkut as mobile is the future.

-> Adsense- Could allow users to display ads on their profile & paying them a small amount annually.


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