Friday, June 8, 2007

What are the webs best app???

Webware asking users to vote for their favorite web 2.0 site in various category
Web browsers, extensions, widgets, and security

Browsing Communications Community Data Entertainment Media Mobile Productivity Publishing Reference

Although most oF the Google's products have been included in the list including Dodgeball but Orkut is surprisingly missing.

Following are Google's product listed

  • Google reader & Firefox (Browsing)
  • Dodgeball ,Gtalk, Gmail (Communications)
  • Google (Data)
  • Youtube(Media)
  • Google Gmail Mobile, Google Maps Mobile (Mobile)
  • Google AdWords/Adsense, Google Calendar, Google Docs & Spreadsheets (Productivity)
  • Blogger, Google Analytics (Publishing)
  • Google Maps (Reference)


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