Saturday, August 25, 2007

MTV Youth icon is Orkut

Orkut has been named as MTV India's Youth icon. It had to Fight against Superstar Abhishek Bhachan, Cell Phone, Extremely popular movie Rang De basanthi(RDB) and all of us(YOU).

Mtv's contest was conduced in association with pepsi. Previous winners were Mahendra Singh Dhoni (in 2006), Shah Rukh Khan (in 2005), Rahul Dravid (in 2004) and Anil Ambani (in 2003) .To tell you a secret i had voted for Orkut so i am even more delighted.

Orkut has carried the above pic at it's log in page. There is one tiny problem with the pic although it might not be purposely the pic nowhere carries the word India.

To celebrate this it has created a special page

This is link to a Orkut Community that any one can visit.This Orkut community is run by MTV .
Any one can hop-in and congratulate it.

Earlier it was the PC World best site award now it's the MTV youth icon. Although orkut is way behind My space in users it sure matches it up in awards and appreciation.

So if you are not a Orkut user go and become one. A google account is all that takes to lodin into Orkut.


micaela said...

cadĂȘ o orkut?...............

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