Saturday, August 25, 2007

Get paid to receive emails

You can make a fortune out of it.Just remember to sign up to as many legitimate ones as you can. I have been using some of them and earn up to 25$ from just 2 of them in just a month. Most of them give you 10$ just as soon as you sign up. Allthat you need to do is click on link in your email and you get paid.

If you a non-Gmail or non-yahoo mail user then even more great. These sites seem to put up a limit on the no of mails you can receive from a site.Although I recommend you to use a service that allows you to create disposable id's.

Before you begin let me tell you some thing. Don't use your primary id to sign up.When ever you sign up first use a disposable id if the site is good then change it to the id that you use for receiving paid emails. let me explain.

Yahoo allows you to create disposable id's .Say your disposable id is "TESTIS -___@YAHOO.CO.IN". Now create a disposible id "TESTIS -temp@YAHOO.CO.IN" if it clicks then change it to "TESTIS -permanent@YAHOO.CO.IN" . If it doesnt just un join from it.

Here is the list of sites that i use there are many more i will put up them too in a day or two.But most of these sites require you to have a Paypal account. This is a free money transer acoount by Ebay.The only requirement is you need to have a valid email id.

  • Take the internet back -- Very high payout. They dont give cash but points. 25-30 can give you up to 10$.

  • Hits4pay -- They pay you 10$ as soon as you sign up. You get a constant 2 cent per email occationally you get up to 1 $.

  • Htmail -- get 0.10$ for each mail provided you complete the process or 0.01$ if you just click on mail

  • Inbox dollars - they pay you a sign up bonus of 5$ and give you 1 to 10 cents plus they pay you to even play games

  • EMAIL PAYS YOU -- This site give you 2 cent for each mail you receive and 1/2 cent for each site that you click and visit.

I am currently not into any of these but have tried them in past.


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