Saturday, August 11, 2007

Gmail for mobile

Gmail has a cool feature that lets you access mail from your mobile. It is called as "Gmail for mobile browser" It lets you to access your Gmail account from your mobile phone.
The url is .

Gmail for mobile browser has some cool features.

  • You can access attachments, including photos, Microsoft Word documents, and .pdf files.
  • If you enter phone numbers in your Gmail Contacts list, you can reply to messages by call.
  • Google for mobile is completely free.

But there are some minimum requirements to access "Gmail for mobile browsers"

  • Your browser needs to be XHTML compliant.
  • Your phone's browser should have cookies enabled and your mobile network should also allow cookies.
  • Your mobile phone network should allow secure SSL traffic.

To determine whether your browser is compatible, run s search at if it doesn't work, your browser's not XHTML compliant. Contact your mobile service provider to determine if they allow cookies on their network and if it allows ssl


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