Sunday, July 15, 2007

Eliminate cc & bcc in search

When ever you search a mail by the email. the "to:" operator finds stuff in the to/cc/bcc fields.

If you are searching far a mail from your friend say "Owner" . If you also cc-ed or bcc-ed Onwer in other messages that you don't want to match the search . Then just follow the following trick.

You can perform the following search: from:Onwer -cc:Onwer -bcc:Onwer

In cas you know the subject you can also add
[ subject:"job okay" (from:Onwer -cc:Onwer -bcc:Onwer )]

The "-cc:Onwer" and "-bcc:Onwer" terms eliminate the possibility of matching on messages cc-ed or bcc-ed to Onwer

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