Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gmail search help

Here are some search tips thet will never make you click 'Show search options'
If you are searching for some mails then try these tips. Just type them out in the seatch box. -- for the mails sent to "",

from:google helper -- for the mails from google helper,

subject:Google Tricks -- for mails with 'Google Tricks' in subject, etc.

In "Search Options" fields, you can use quotes, minus sign, OR, and parentheses.

For example, in the From: field, you can put any of the following:

1. "Google Helper " -- for mails contains the phrase "Google Helper ".

2. -Helper--for mails that does not contain/from Google.

3. Helper OR Owner -- for mails that contains Helper or Owner.

4. (Google OR Orkut) Helper : mails contains Google or Orkut, along with Helper.

OR should be in caps

It's important to realize that the Gmail (and Google) does not search partial words. So "Goog" will not find "Google"

At the same time it's not case sensitive unless with in " ". Go Google is same as gOOgle.


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