Sunday, July 15, 2007

Selecting a sub-conversation.

Do you ever have a long, multi-person conversation, and you want to concentrate on a particular sub-conversation with one person?

For example, let's say you emailed three of your buddies Onwer, Helper, and Admin, with the subject:- "Help Me?"
body:- "How to go to Gmail?".

They all replied back and now you've gotten into three separate sub-conversations all within the same Gmail conversation.

There is an easy way to concentrate on your sub-conversation with, say, Onwer. Simply do the following search (without the square brackets):
[ subject:"Help Me?" (from:Onwer OR to:Onwer) ]
"OR" must be all caps

Then when you click on the conversation, it will open up with only the matching messages expanded!


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