Monday, April 23, 2007

Orkut 3in1

THIS allows to do a lot things in one page. As the name suggests you can surf orkut , check scrapbook, use gtalk, use yahoo msngr, check your yahoo mail all at the same time.
All this things can be done in one single page. In addition to this you can surf the web too using Google search.

This has one problem once you log in you will be redirected to now you have go back to that site(pressing back won't work) either by using history or press the arrow ▼ next to "BACK" now select the "ORKUT 3 in 1". Now you have to press refresh till you are able to see your Orkut Scrapbook & homepage(with logged in ) or you get page cannot be displayed now press on "GO BACK TO PREVIOUS PAGE" .

There is one more problem you wont be able to view any photos sent to yahoo mail.It just shows text & no photo/video.

Other than this you wont face any trouble.The best part is Gtalk you can view your gtalk without downloading it. This is only few kb in size keep it in your desktop

Download ORKUT 3 IN 1 (just right click on this & click on "save link as")


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