Monday, April 30, 2007


What to do if your account/community has been hacked/taken over dont panic just follow the following stuffs.

If you stay in USA/India great visit orkut's help section & report to them just fill the form & send them at the address given.

You can even send them an e-mail but most of the time this doesnt work but if you are lucky then you may.

if your community has been taken over try contacting your community member asking them to report the new onwer as abuse. If you members have simpathy with you they will do it.(How to scrap every one visit firefox section & download orkut helper)

If the both the above does'nt work then contact JERRY. If you community is small you will get it back easily .If your community is big then it's a bit tough to get it back.
In both the cases you will to show proper proof that you are the onwer.


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