Sunday, April 1, 2007

Accept all FrIend request

If you are one of the famous ones who receive at least 20 -25 friend request every day(like me) .You have to waste a lot of time accepting or rejecting them. So we bring to you some tools that make your work easy.

Multiple Friend acceptor

This software can save you from the trouble of accepting all of those

  1. Download the multiple friend acceptor

  2. Extract the file & Run it .

  3. You will ll see a DOS window

  4. Now you can accept all of them
Multiple friend acceptor

Note:- To use this file you need Win Rar
Download Win Rar

Firefox Addons

If you are a firefox user then there are one Graesemonkey addon that allows you to accept all requesta that you get.This is a ajax script,advanced form of java.This adds a button/link next your your menu("home","friends".....).

  • Go to firefox
  • Install greasemonkey
  • Install this script.

download iconDownload greasemonkey

download iconInstall Firefox

Accept All friends - Ajaxified Version


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