Friday, March 23, 2007

coins(you are a banker now)

Coin collection is the second most popular & profitable hobby. I too collect coins Indian & foreign. I have a lot of Indian & US coins & not even a single coin of African countries( excluding one or two). what should i do to get those coins either buy them or wait till some one gives me .

Now we have a orkut solution to you . Now if you want to exchange/buy/ sell you coins to others you could take help of orkut as E-bay is both costly and cumbersome.

We have just the right community for you
Numismatics Coins

language:[b]English (US)[/b]
category:Hobbies & Crafts
owner:Sendi Yakin

The only problem with this community is that it has only 1000+ members .Despite being so small this is the biggest community. It's you who has to decide what to do & with whom. But always be cautious while giving your address to others.


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