Friday, March 23, 2007

Lucky communities

Stanford University -- This is the first one created on 19th Jan 04 (most probably 1st day)

Castro --10th one. Created in 2 days
Baseball --100th one. Created in 3 days

IRC-Galleria --1,000th one.It took 1 month for this feat to take place
At&t--10,000th one

The strange part is Community no 1000 was created on 26th Feb 2004 where as 10, 100th one was created on 6 th Feb 2004.

Orkut's 1 lac th community

1000000-- 1,00,000 one. This community has no community symbol or the special first letter may be because it's name is a no.This was created by DEC 04.It was millionth community.
Os frutos da árvore de DEUS- 10 crore th one. This feat was reached on march 14 2006

And our journey of the luckiest one ends here


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