Friday, March 23, 2007

Top 10 Bollywood

Great treat for Indian subcontinenters( in, pak ,bangala, sri, nepal..) , NRI's and all the Bollywood lovers. I am going to list the top 5 bollywood personalty community.

All these community have similar posts with most of them being games.The most common being the name game.

Rhis is the list at 10 we have cute & bubbly Zinta's community

Now at 9 it's the most common playback singer sonu
At 8 is Salu's previous love & miss world ash
at 7 Ash's new found love Abhi-shake & his dad Amithab the godfather of bollywood
At 6 is miss hot Priyanka
At it's the best actor & also nominated for oscar(his film was nominated) Amir. This is a great community full of info about him.
At 4 it's king khan.
At 3 it's hot & dashing Hrithik. Even after some flops and only 4 hits he is the most liked young actor known for body & dancing.
At 2 it's Indian Double Oscar Nominee (2 nomination in the same year) music composer Rahman. There are people from all over in this community.
The top place goes to again king khan's community . It's the best community with full of info about the khan.


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