Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Best antivirus review

Every one should have a good Anti -virus. Let me rate the top 3 antivirus for you from my experience and the extensive study i did online.

First on the list is Kaspersky . This is the best Antivirus. It has a virus detection rate of 95%+. It detects a virus in less than 2 second.The best part is it that all this at just 10% of your RAM. The updates are Hourly. Only problem is it doesn't has a Registry protection.Other than that it gives you complete protection. It gives you IM, Mail, SPAM, Spyware protection. It gives you the option of triple protection (Fire/AV/anti spy) or just Anti virus. Zone alarm(best firewall) it self makes use of a tweaked version of kaspersky as a part of their complete protection suite. AOL'S Active Virus Shield is based on the Kaspersky antivirus engine This is enough to convince you.

Further list is just for those who what to know more.If you just want a Anti virus then you can download kaspersky and leave this site.

Next on the list is Bit defender.This is actually better than Kaspersky but sucks up your RAM like any thing up to 50%.What the use of such a Anti- Virus . if you have faster RAM (1GB+)then go for it. It has a virus detection rate of 95%+. It detects a virus in 0-4 seconds. It gives you complete protection like Kaspersky with registry protection too. It best feature is detection of new malwares. It has the highest new malware detection rate among the Antivirus available.Updates are hourly.

Next is Mcafee.This is quiet good if you have AV with firewall and Anti Spam. Light on your RAM. Least false detection rate. Only problem is once the protection period is over it wont give you any updates.Updates are daily.

Among free ones Avast is the best. It gives complete protection but detection rate is not high.

I was initially using Norton.Later i started using Mcafee since my broadband connection provider gave it for free. Once the period got over i didn't get any updates I didn't want to pay to switch to a newer version and start getting updates. So switched to Avast. Then i tried Trent micro again given free with by provider(they changed from mcafee to trend due to some contract issue). Finally i decided to get a paid one. That's when i did a extensive research and came up with this result.I am switching to Kaspersky as it's the fastest.

If you are computer Geek. You can even try Nod32.Try it if and only if you are geek.

Let's look at other sites ratings

  • Kaspersky 6
  • Norton 2007
  • Bit Defender 9
  • Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Premium
  • Kaspersky 6
  • Bit Defender 9
  • McAfee VirusScan 2006
Toptenreviews (this does not takes into consideration of the that drain each program exerts on a computer's resources)
  • Bit Defender 9
  • Kaspersky 6
  • Nod32
Cnet (all are given 7.8)
  • Bit Defender 9
  • Norton 2007
  • Trend
  • Kaspersky version,
  • Active Virus Shield by AOL


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