Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Googleopedia story

This is the story of how i started this website. Once i read in newspaper about a Indian girl a who was living in New zealand  . She was earning 1000$ a month that too while studying  all that she did was create a blog and added a sign up form. This was a college sign up form basically a few links to sign up forms of colleges. If someone signed up from her site she got paid.

Thsi was more than enough for me. I knew basics on web design. So after a month or so i decided to dive in to this money pool . I initially started a website from freewebs but soon realised they show their own ads. Thus i created this blog on dec 06 "orkuttricks.blogspot.com"

I actually began blogging in Feb 07. I was initially all about Orkut.com .Later i added about joga.com . It is a orkut site with a football touch created for Nike. Later i began adding article on google talk . This was  till june 07 . Later i  stopped blogging till august.

In September i decided to blog about all google products and thus began blogging on Igoogle and Gmail . This continued till dec 07. In the new year i got busy with other tasks so almost stopped blogging with occasional postings.

In April i bought a domain "googleopedia.com" with the idea that i will build a proper site. I built a site in the next 2 months but not for me but for my college.In April i was contacted by my college to build a site for our college fest. So for the next 2 months i became busy with building the site and a toolbar and setting up a blog and a forum using free tools and thus topped blogging temporarily.

Later in July i transformed this blog into "Googleopedia.com"

"Orkut Tricks" was hugely popular but since i didn't regularly blog and then changed the url it went down. Till recently i was busy moving my blog to the new name .Now that is over i will start active blogging again.

this is not the only blog that i have have. In Feb 08 I started viruswrtiting.blogspot.com .This was started so that i could move all the offensive content into a separate blog and make Orkut Tricks clean.This remained largely dormant only recently have i began blogging actively into this blog.

In addition to this i started a separate blog called Techbangalore in Jan 08 as my friend too wanted to join in. This was just a copy of articles from the web. Very few visitors few pages visible in Google I thought it was a utter failure and left it . In july cane to know It had a page rank of 3. I was shocked how come such a Non-SEO blog have  PR of 3. I took back the control from my friend  as he too had stopped blogging . I changed the URL to tech.googleopedia.com and added a few posts.

In addition to this i have helped several blogger in setting up a site, creating a custom template , creating widgets and earning money from them.

Now atleast for a another year i will be actively blogging trying to reach the pinacle of success.


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