Friday, August 29, 2008

Create Fake pages

I will give some lessons to budding web designers . This will tell you how to create copy of a pages. Here is how you create one. Let me show how you do for

  • Open Google in a new tab or Click Here .
  • Now select "View" from menubar
  • Then select "Source"(IE) or "Page Source"(firefox).
  • This will show you raw html of the site in a notepad in case of IE. In firefox this will be visible in firefox.
  • Now You need To save this page.
  • Just select "Save page as " . Change save type as to "All Files". and save it as XYZ.html(anyname.html)
  • Now just double click on the html it will open in your browser. You will be get the exact replica of the google page
Only problem is the images are not visible. This is because most sites uses relative path. Just visit the actual page and save all images. Now upload it anywhere on the web. Just get the links of the images. In many cases even the css file(for how sites appear) are also relatve. You need to download them too (just type http:/ / of file.css in the browser and the fill will be downloaded)
Go to the html file and Right click on it and select "OPEN WITH" notepad. Now If you know html job's done in a minute else it will have to use trial and error method.
Relative Path is one thing like this "/images/google.gif" you need to give the complete path names where ever possible like "". In case of images you may even replace these with your links.
Tip for those who dont know html : Html consists of tages image is represented as follows "< img. src="actual image link" /> Click here for Html Tutorials
Similarly change all relative path to actual path and the job done.
If you are a hacker or Pro Html programmer then you all ready know about this. But if are newbie to either hacking or html then this is a good exercises. Html programers use this frequently . If they like the design of the site they copy it to their sites . But if use this with a wrong intent or create a look alike of the site that will confuse the users into thinking that it's the orginal site you will land behind bar then dont say didn't warn you.


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good article but why is it posted under hacking

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