Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google Chrome

A good first browser. This is not revolutionary(expect for looks) but a excellent start by google. In terms of looks it's Firefox on steroids. in terms of features it has a long way to go.

On the up side it looks great. The best thing is that the address bar acts as search bar. it has a stealth mode that prevents what you visited from being stored/recorded. It has a task manager too.No menu bar instead 2 icons on status bar. It has a auto hide status bar. "Page cannot be displayed" has  a link to google cache and also displas the correct error with the page.The start up page just shows the bookmarks and commonly visited pages and recently closed tabs.

On the downside the status bar just says connecting and does not shows the progress. 

click on inage for a larger view

Google chrome

Google chrome

Google chrome

Google chrome

Great browser from Google with the coming versions it will be excellent. Although i must admit it cant compete with Firefox on features. Even in reach/size i will take lot of marketing effort to reach even 50% of Microsoft. just look at Google backed Firefox has just 19% of the market share despite google paying users who promote it.And the 19 % is because of it's features and not because of google.

I am sure with in a year it will be the third most used windows browser and second on apple


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