Sunday, August 19, 2007

Orkut makes change

Orkut has been making several changes.It introduces the ability to add Html in your scraps. In addition to this it has made some minor changes too.

The log-in page has changed. It looks more cool. There is no longer the images of Orkuteers. It's the following message instead of the image In a white back round. Even the Log-in box has a change.

It has added a feature callled Mutual communities this is similar to Mutual friends. When ever you scan through any persons communities i.e by clicking view all .You get a extra tab called mutual communities.This shows all the communities taht you have in common.

Next change is your Edit profile page.Now it has 5 tabs "General" "Social" "Contact" "Professional" and "Personal.

Certain options that allow multiple choice are hid. You need to click on edit to choose/change your opinion/option.All details regarding your Id is in the Contact tab.

Even Settings page has gone under a similar change.Every thing is now availaible in tabs.

Even Your Scrapbook has a change. Instead of Scrap tip button you have a link with the same name.
is shows alll the communities that you have in common.


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