Sunday, August 19, 2007

Moving contacts--Thunderbird to Gmail

To import contact from Thunderbird first save the contacts in your computers then import it to Gmail.

Saving Contacts

  • Go to thunderbird
  • Select Window
  • Click on Address Book from the menu.
  • Select the Personal Address Book or any other address book in the Address Books list.
  • Select Tools
  • Click on Export from the menu.
  • Select Comma Separated (*.csv) Format
  • Choose a file name and save it.

Mozilla do not add the column headings that is needed by Gmail .TO add it

  • Open the exported .CSV file in a spreadsheets program like EXCEL
  • Add the following correspondly as the top line "First Name,Last Name,Name,Email Address" and other details that is present .

  • Go to Gmail
  • Go to Contact
  • Select import contact (next to export link )
  • Now upload ".csv" file that you downloaded.

To import contacts from other Click here

To export contacts Click here


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