Sunday, August 19, 2007

Importing Adress From Netscape

To import contact from Netscape/Apple mail first save the contacts in your computers then upload it to Gmail. Netscape like Mozilla do not add the column headings i.e First name Last name etc that is needed by Gmail so before you need to eit the file before you add it.

Saving Contacts

  • Go to Netscape mail
  • Select Window
  • Click on Address Book from the menu.
  • Select the Personal Address Book or any other address book in the Address Books list.
  • Select Tools and Click on Export from the menu.
  • Select Comma Separated (*.csv) Format
  • Choose a file name and save it.

TO Edit the file

  • Open the exported .CSV file in a spreadsheets program like EXCEL
  • Add the following correspondly as the top line "First Name,Last Name,Name,Email Address" and other details that is present .

  • Go to Gmail
  • Go to Contact
  • Select import contact (next to export link )
  • Now upload ".csv" file that you downloaded.

To import contacts from other Click here

To export contacts Click here


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