Friday, August 31, 2007

Google launches Chinese SocialNetwork Site

Google has launched 2 new sites in Chinese with the help of Tianya . The 2 sites are Laiba and Wenda. Strictly speaking the sites are just hosted on Google's server and google is providing tech support. They are Tianya sites. But there are rumours that Google has taken controlling stake in Tianya.
Laiba is a social networking site. It stands for "come here".This includes several features like search, hot topics, community forum etc. You can search for anyone based on their age, location ,sex. It has one more coll feature you can rank a person . These are visible on homepage. This seems to be like Orkut with url having UID=1234567890123456789 (19-digit no) and community having cmm. The head of Google China, KAI FU, has a profile. An complete analysis of this site will be published in week.sos come back to know more about this site.

Wenda is the second website. It means ask and answer.This looks like a replica of the newly released russian verson of their discontinued service Google Answers Otvety . It's basically a question and answer website where you ask and you get a answer.


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