Friday, August 31, 2007

Googel Sky

Google earth launches Google Sky. No ,this is not a separate product but a new feature in Google Earth that now allows you to explore the sky(space). The product is really great but has some minor problems. This is in beta and will be out of beta once these problems are solved.

Google Sky has been created with the help of

  • NASA/Space Telescope Institute
  • Sloan Digital Sky Survey
  • Digital Sky Survey Consortium

This new addition to exploring places on Earth it enables viewers to check out different areas in the universe, from distant galaxies light years away, to constellations and planets. You must download the new version of Google Earth to get the features, then you're on your way to checking out planets in motions and supernova explosions .

This is nothing new several such products already exist and are better than Google Earth like SkyMap , Stellarium . Once some more development and updates takes place it will be better than the others.

You can soom in on any star to get more info about it. This gives a brief info on a star and gives more info online.The info contains the name of the star and a pic of it.


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