Sunday, August 19, 2007

Cool Scrap

Orkut offers only one style/font it would have been great if it gave us several fonts options. At mx you can make it bold or italics. As far as colour option are considers there are several options but you need to enter some code to be able to do so.But no more

There is a Greasemonkey add-on for firefox. Called as Stylex. It gives several options

  • Many Colours
  • Seven diffrent fonts
  • Encryption and Decription Option

    ░★●۩¤¦ ̲̅S̲̅T̲̅Y̲̅L̲̅E ¦¤۩●★░ ░★●۩¤¦ ̲̅G̲o̲̅o̲̅g̲̅l̲̅e̲̲̅ ¦¤۩●★░

To use Stylex

Download Firefox
  • Install Grease Monkey
  • Install the Stylex
  • Now start scraping

    download iconDownload greasemonkey

    download iconInstall Firefox

  • Install Stylex


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