Thursday, August 9, 2007

Auto-Store Id's

Gmail has a feature that automatically adds email addresses the of those to whom you send emails to your Contacts list . While this can be helpful at beginning or some odd times in future but not always. Each unique/un-stored email address to whom you send a mail gets added to your contact list.

This of great problem if you keep mailing to people to whom you are mailing only once or only a couple of times .Like while you sign up for something or ask for help. These id's are useless as they are not the main id of the company.

By default, any Contact Gmail auto-adds will not contain any "name" or other information, it just stores the email address. If you don't want you contact list to be filled with unwanted id's just remove them periodically.

So once a while go to Contact list and either edit/delete the account.It's quiet easy to find these mails as they dont contain Any Name or other details.This keeps things clean. and you wont have unwanted mails id's in your contact list


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