Sunday, July 15, 2007

Disposible id's

Ok if you dont want your Gmail id to be known to other but still you it for all sort of stuffs.What do you do. Use Gmail +. Not Gmail plus as in a paid service.

By adding + you can add additional words to your account name

For example,
If my email address is "",
i can add "+tricks" ---as my site id
i can add "+admin" --- id to contact the admin of the site.
i can add "+report"--for prople to report any bug.

Those who dont know about this will think these id's a diffrent id's but they are all same. This lets you create as many as you want without any set up.

But why would you want to do this? This helps me you to manage messages in a better way. You can then set up a Gmail Filters to automatically sort emails to specific Labels based on the addresses. This helps you to combat spam .You can shop online using "orkut+shop". So that orkut is safe.

Although the only problem to this is not all email systems recognize or accept "+" addresses. Some spammers remove the extra tags completely.

It's a cool feature , none the less. The best way is to just try it and see if it works for your application!

Not this wont work it you try to mail your self.Although the message is sent gmail takes it as a duplicate copy of the conversation and deleted it.

Yo can have a max of 25 char before .Incase you have more than 25 them remaining char are just ignored. So if the is
you will see it as ""


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