Friday, June 29, 2007

Text ads in Gmail

Click on image for a clearer view

Gmail ads are not at all a problem.Most Mail services scan your mail for Virus/Spam and things like that. The only difference between them and Gmail is that in addition to spam Gmail also scans for keywords .

Thes ads are text ads unline other mails where we have a Flashy banner.Most of the time these ads are irrelevant. Gmail users will see ads and links to related pages. The ads are text ads thus increasing the speed of gmail.The "Related pages" are are not paid advertisements but are put up by google for our benifit.

In Gmail, ads appear alongside messages, in the same way that ads appear next to search results on Google. The ads are clearly identified as 'Sponsored Links.' They are displayed in a way that doesn't interrupt users as they read their messages and ads are never inserted into the body text of either incoming or outgoing Gmail messages. No email content or other personally identifiable information is ever shared with advertisers. No ads reflecting sensitive or inappropriate content is shown .


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