Friday, June 29, 2007

Secure Gmail

Gmail is more secure than most other mails .Here are some of it' s features.

  • Gmail lets you have a secure HTTPS session via . Few other mail services offer HTTPS session .
  • It has a default SSL-enabled login page. Many other free webmails have non-SSL login as default and Some offer SSL login as an option.
  • Gmail does not display's images when you receive a mail from unknown source. Why does it do so. Spammers put up some code behind image if you open then image they get to know that your id is active and they start spamming your account. Most mail providers provide this but only for SPAM folder. Gmail provides it for all the folders.
  • Gmail does not allow ".exe" files as attachments.This is allowed in most mails.
  • Unlike other mails Gmail scans your mail every time you open it in case it missed out some thing during initial scanning


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