Friday, June 29, 2007

Forever on Gmail

In my college comp when i went to Gmail i found that my friend had forgotten to log out. Luckily it was me .I quickly it signed out and continued with it.

Though this is a boon for some i personally hate it. In this case i really love Yahoo mail. Once you close the browser with in 10-20 secs you automatically get logged out or at least it asks for password.

Once you login Gmail keeps you For ever logged in(ok not forveer but for a long time). On Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox, if you close the Gmail you're still signed in.

Incase of firefox if youi close the browser you get logged out but if you close only the tab you dont get logged out.If some one opens a new tab he can still access your account

Anybody can who goes to Gmail automatically get logged into your account. So next time you It's just good habit to sign out from Gmail session by clicking on "Sign out" link on the top right corner.


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