Friday, June 29, 2007

Gadget Maker

iGoogle gadget maker will let you build your own gadgets using wizards.

"Want to put a little piece of yourself on your friends' and family's homepages? Creating and sharing these Google Gadgets is as easy as filling out a simple form. "

The gadgets are very simple to use. It dispalys photos, videos, events. The bset part is that you can share it with others. Once the gadget is created, you can invite other people to view & use the gadget, and make it publicly available for other people to view & use it. So whatever you choose to add to a gadget will be visible to the people you invited.

This let you create seven new gadget templates:

1. Photo album - Add up to seven photos and captions to create your own photo album. The photo's cant be uploaded . You need to upload elsewhere and specify the url. You can add upto 7 photos

2. GoogleGram - Send virtual gifts and messages to that special someone . You can choose from flower, chocolate,balloons, bonsai.You can choose for 7 days.

3. Daily Me - Tell your friends and family what's on your mind. You can put up a photo and some message saying what you are up to today.

4. Countdown -Waiting for a special day count the days until a special event.

5. Simple list - With this gadget you can publish your own personal "Top Ten" or simply send a set of chores to your sweetie. This could be your To Do list, shopping list, fav list .

6. YouTube videos - Are you the one who always finds the good stuff on YouTube? Create a video channel for your friends .You can add up to 10 videos.

7. Freeform gadget - Use an image and text to express your creativity.

If one of your Gmail contacts creates gadgets you'll be able to see them . You can see them at "My Community".

Make your gadget at Gadget maker


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