Saturday, May 26, 2007

Cops use Orkut to track murderer

Cops used orkut to get/find the murder. Manish Thakur, a naval officer in Goa, has been arrested for killing Kaushambi, his girlfriend.

Mumbai(India) Police say Thakur's profile on Orkut, the social networking site, helped them zero in on him. Kaushambi and Manish were reportedly dating each other since school days. Kaushambi worked in Mumbai and Thakur used to come down from Goa(india) often to visit her.

Meanwhile, well wishers are pouring in onto Kaushambi's site on Orkut to offer their condolences, even as the Naval authorities in Goa are handing Manish over to the Mumbai police for further investigation.

Here is her profile

Same thing is happening with her as with "Minal Panchal of Virginia Tech"


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