Friday, April 13, 2007

Power of orkut- Minal Panchals & virginia tech incident

A lot has been said about incident.I am not going to reporter all those but talk about the role that orkut played in all these.
For those who don't know anything about this incident just watch this video.

Now let me begin. As soon as this incident took place there was panic every were. People were searching for the missing every where including on orkut.There was one student called Minal Panchal, an Indian. When she went missing some thought of using orkut as a tool.They thought she could access orkut to inform others that she is safe & thus they scraped her. Why would she use orkut when she can call ??? Well, she would have called and informed her near & dear but still there would be others worried about her like classmates so she might have used orkut to inform to he world she is safe since she cannot call every one.

As time passed by no one got any call from her.Every one was worried. By This time entire world had know about the incident & about her. People went to her orkut profile & started scrapping her. Friends,Neighbours,Americans,Indian,Well wishers,Reporters & others all started scrapping her. She was receiving 1 scrap every second.

As time went on it was clear that she was dead .Now she started receiving scraps like "Rest in Peace"....& others.

Thus orkut played a very very important role.

I am very upset for what ever happend with the Virginia Tech Victims .I too hope they rest in peace. Just becaose of 1 Chang we have lost lives in a bang.

Here is her profile.

Her profile is now deleted.....


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