Sunday, April 1, 2007

Gift a hacker

I really dont mean you give him a gift but there are things that you do which could give a lot of details to hacker.

Lets track them down.

  • Fake log in page - You might receive scrap / mail sying this is the new login page /old log in page then dont use it i.e log in.
  • Links - Even a simple click on a suspicous link can transfer your details.
  • COOKIES - There are scripts that give details of your cookies.There are romurs that this error will be pluged in by orkut soon.
  • Download add-ons - Never download any add-0ns until you are sure who it's from i.e i mean if the person is trustworthy.
  • Run a javascript - Many a times our friends scrap us javascript that cause browser quake/ shakes, makes pic big etc .They can be designed to get a lot of details about your profile like cookies & password.

What you need to look for is "GETCOOKIE" & "GETPASSWORD" .

  • If you know any other way just scrap me.

This site no longer has hacking section visit


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