Sunday, April 1, 2007

Open in new window

What if you are composing a mail and suddenly remember that you needed to urgently mail some on else. You have to either open "Compose mail" in the same page and then going back to the previous mail or open a new window then go to gmail & compose mail.

Both take some amount of time but there is a shortcut .You can use the second option but in a faster way i.e use keyboard shortcuts

  • shift + 'c' or shift + click on 'Compose Mail'
  • shift + 'r' or shift + 'reply'
  • shift + 'a' or shift + 'reply all'
  • shift + 'f' or shift + 'forward'

This will open the respective in a new window.

If you are in All cals/Caps Lock it is just ignored so "c" is same as "C".


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