Sunday, April 1, 2007

Communities on food! how is that for our next topic?

We bring to you a list of communites on foods. This is food prepared By Hemant Dawar .SO all Foodies gaet ready with your Knife, Spoon & Fork so we are going to some of the FOOD hubs in orkut.

Italian Food-- Check this out on Italian Cuisine...the land of Pizzas.This is the 845th community

Sea food--Though its small but atleast it is spam discusses on sea food .So all the sea foodies just dive into this community.

Chocolate-- ThIS is the biggest community on Food item and maybe one of the biggest community of Orkut itself but sadly its not spam free.This is community on Chocolate.So go ahead & visit this sweet shore.

(Note:- this not the biggest orkut community)

Rannaghor-Bengali Cuisine/Food-- Hamburgers-the taste of Modern life. This is the biggest community on hamburgers and it is spam free...“It requires a certain kind of mind to see beauty in a hamburger bun.”----Ray Kroc, creator of the McDonald's franchise.

Hamburgers --Bengali(people of the State West Bengal ,India) are the perfect foodie. There will be few places in the world that have that variety of dishes as the Bengalis have. Bengali are known for there speciality in food and their cuisine is world reknown especially the Sweets with most famous being "Rossagulla".

Pizza! This is the largest community on pizzas but not peroperly mantained can check other communities too like that of coca cola...vegeterian...japanese cuisine etc. Hope u appreciate them bye


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