Friday, March 30, 2007

No bar Orkut toolbar

Orkut toolbar
Orkut Toolbar is a great browsing companion for members Orkut social network. It works fine with both IE & FIREFOX .It lets you search Orkut, Your Friends, Communities & not to forget web(WWW) anywhere from the Web . It serves as an useful navigation aid for Orkut.

  1. You can chat with other online Orkutters with a built-in chat in the toolbar.

  2. It has a a pop-up blocker.

  3. It comes with a powerful privacy-protector with cookie, cache & browsing history cleaner.

  4. An e-mail notifier that lets you know when new mails arrive in your Hotmail / Yahoo / Gmail or other POP3 accounts .

You could have never asked for more! Download and install for IE, Firefox or both.

Get it from CNET!


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