Saturday, March 3, 2007

KickKeys 5.0

KickKeys 5.0

KickKeys 5.0 offers a complete language solution through Transliteration (type-as-you-pronounce). With it you can write a foreign language using the regular computer keyboard without memorizing difficult key sequences. Kickkeys 5.0 allows you to specify your own key mapping, change existing ones, use any font you like and, to top it all, it allows you to use these features on WordPad, Microsoft Word, Outlook, Outlook Express, Excel, Frontpage, Powerpoint and all other common Windows applications.

Version 5.0 ships ready with key maps and fonts for Assamese, Bengali, Bulgarian, Belarusian, French, Farsi, German/Scandinavian, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tamil and Ukrainian. It also comes with graphical tools that allow you to build keymaps for other languages and fonts. It even supports typing right to left languages like Farsi in English Windows

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