Saturday, March 10, 2007

FAKE profile

Orkut is plagued with the problem fake profile. Starting from Amir kahn to Tiger woods from Steve to Barrichello, THEY aren't member of the Orkut community ,but you will find them.Not them but people being them.

Google will now have to take off all such profiles listed. Since people have started sue Orkut.
Rubens has already won an action against the company, back in July of this year, but it has not been fulfilled. As such, Barrichello's lawyers have also asked for an additional £210,000 in damages for pain and suffering.Orkut now have seven days to comply, or face fines of £270 a day.
This is one such there are many but this seams to be the only high profile problem as of now.As orkut gains popularity there will be more.
Hre is a list of such profiles no one knows who operate them(may be other than IP address)
President Clinton & wife Hillary , George Bush , Condoleeza Rice
Even Kofi Annan is also hanging around in Orkut mainly in United Nations community


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