Friday, March 23, 2007

Computer Programming-top 5

What if you are a computer programmer & had a some queries instead of searching the web for some answers or trying to put it up at the horrible Yahoo answer try orkut for a change. There are some really good communities that could solve your problem & provide not one but atleast 10 different ways/solutions. Lets look at the top 5 programing community.

At no 5 it's

Web Design & Development WebD2- This is one of the earliest community.It is the 247th community.It has about 23,420 members. It has some amount of spam . The owner has put up strict rules for the community but no body cares . Though not much happens over there mostly it's about jobs for web developers. Being one of oldest community it's sure might be helpful for you

At 4
masters in c,c++,java -This community is all about the middle level programing languages. Some really good discussions takes place. There is no spam at all. This community has only 8,000 odd members hence it's 4th

At 3
data structures -
Arrangement of data in your computer is data structure(DS).This is a really good community with Lot's of discussion happening about DS .There is negligible amount of spam & people/members really have some knowledge

Now let's look at the top 2. Although there can be a debate over the choice of 3rd, 4th, 5th but these two are definitely the top 2

Open source - All though i don't know much about open source the community seems to be good. The best part is it has no spam at all.The owner has put up the following in the homepage of the community & he surely follows them.

"NOTE:- if u are here to post spam like jobs,video link,porn link then u will be banned without giving buzz...."

C/C++ Programmers -This is the best community no spam , no unwanted post just plain programming. Just put up one 1 good question, you are bound to get at least 25 proper answer with 50,000 odd members. It's the best community on orkut if you happened to want any info on c/c++ .With such knowledgeable people you may even gat answers for other prog . lang. too.


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