Friday, March 23, 2007

Community stolen

There have been reports of community being stolen or hijacked throughout Orkut. Initially this was just a prank (no real transfer) but now it has reached alarming stage. Although I know how to do it i will not highlight how to do it in the interest of community owners(I too own many).But I will tell what to do if the community has been taken over

If your COMMUNITY has been taken over,

  • you need to contact Google and let them know . Visit their Security Center . Give them some time to CONTACT YOU .(If the problem is serious you will be contacted early)

  • Visit the fellow's profile who has taken over your community ask him to transfer back if he doesn't then he will suffer.

  • If Google doest do any thing scrap all the members with your problem the will definitely unjoin the community finally he will transfer the community back to you.

  • If they don't unjoin then no need to feel sorry it's useless to be the owner of a community with such members


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