Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Multiple searches box in Google chrome

To get multiple search engines in chrome with out clicking a single  button just read on. what would you do if want to search wikipedia but your default search box is Google in Firefox or IE. Just click on the search icon / change search box button and select wikipedia.

Ie is better it will revert back to your default search box next time you open the browser but Firefox makes this as your default search box. in chrome you have to do the same expect for This simple trick .

Just click on the wrench icon . Now select "options" .

Under "basics " tab you will find "default search". Click on manage . Now select any other search engine that you want . Make this  search engine as your default search engine. Click ok and job done.

Now open a new tab. In the special chrome page you will see the previous default search engine below "search history" box..

You can use the default  search from the address bar and any other search engines by just  opening a tab. Ok here you have a click a button but it's very unlikely that you will search in the same tab in any of your browser

You can have any no of search box by repeating the process.


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