Thursday, March 27, 2008

CPU Job control in windows xp

There are 2 kinds of process running Foreground(fg) and background(bg). You surely want the process/softwares that you run to work faster.Then let me tell you it's possible. This is called job control. You can prioritize your process.

Unix/LINUX provides excellent support for this but not windows. In windows you can prioritize all the foreground process. Here's how. Use this registry hack to perform job control in windows.Just open Regedit(START>>RUN>>Type REGEDIT)

Navigate to:

Set the DWORD Win32PrioritySeparation to any of the following values.
  • 3 (the default): Foreground and background tasks have equal priority.
  • 2: Foreground tasks have higher priority than background tasks
  • 1: Foreground tasks have maximum priority
  • 0 (not recommended): Foreground tasks run in real-time.

This is for win xp. You need to restart the computer for the change/effect to take place. Back up your registry before you do it(click here)

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raj kanvar said...

Good this make xp a bit more vista like

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