Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Using nbtstat- part I

Just go to dos(start>>run>>cmd) . In dos just type "nbtstat -a IP "

Just enter your IP as a trial.In reality you need to enter Remote machine's IP. You will get a out put some thing like this

output of nbtstat if image is not visible go to dos and try 'nbtstat -a your_ip'.This output is displayed here

    nbtstat is a dos tool that reveals who is online on a remote comp. This gives details of the person whose ip you have entered.

    click on the image for larger view

    Go back to fig1. In it If you do not get the number <20> then the victim has not enabled "File And Printer Sharing ". If you get "Host Not found" that means the port 139 is closed or the IP address doesn't exists. I will soon(tommorow) edit this article to tell you what can you do with this as of today this much is enough


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