Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gmail introduces gmail lab

Gmail has introduced something called as gmail lab. Most new Google products are first released at Google labs( these are in their beta version. once it fells it's working fine it's either launched or incorporated into one of theirexisting products.

Gmail to has launched something similar expect this is only concerned to Gmail. This means that their programmer can write any feature and trow it up for public. you can try them out and give your suggestions. if they feel it's a hit it may be launched for everyone.

The idea behind Labs is that any engineer can go to lunch, come up with a cool idea, code it up, and ship it as a Labs feature. To tens of millions of users. No design reviews, no product analysis, and to be honest, not that much testing

All this will actually be in beta so it means they may crash anytime or cause any serious problem. Currently it has 13 offerings and soon will have a lot more.

To try them out

  • Just go to Gmail. 
  • Select settings(top right)
  • Go to labs tab
  • Now enable the features you wnat

It has features like snake game , more star icons , message bookmarks/quick links


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