Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Reveal/Crack Password

Do you need a 100% legal and spam free software that convetrs Asterisk-masked letters (*) to text. Then ypu have landed at the right palce . But if you have come here by mistake and want to know what i am talking about then too read along.

All sites convert password characters to astericks(*) or hash(#). Why?? so that the if there is anyone near you he cant see your password. But if you are interested in knowing what's behind the text then you can use these softwares. I cant tell about how to use these softwares but they work somewhat like a keylogger so you can only use this to reveal password on a system that already has the software installed. Read the info given by the respective softwares to know how to use them .

Remember Never Ever use this for hacking or you could get big trouble.


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