Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hacking via Keylogger & it's preventions.

Keylogger is not actually a hacking tool. It was designed to determine sources of errors in computer systems but off late it has been used more for hacking. Keylogger records all that happened on your comp. It records your every keystroke. The biggest problem is this software is freely availaible.

But no one nowadays uses them to determine errors. They are used to see what you are doing. Several companies and parents use this tool to keep track of their employees & kids respectively. By analysing your keystrokes then know when & where on the web you have been or what have you been doing.

This is not so dangerous isnt it? No you are wrong It records all your Keystrokes even your usernames and passwords. Although any one seeing the recorded data(log) cannot make out to which site does it belong but if you have logged in to a chat client then it's easy to make it out. Since after the id and password your conversation will be be stored. This not only gives him your Yahoo Msngr Or Gtalk id but also of Yahoo mail and Gmail and all other related services like flicker, Orkut etc.This too is not so serious. What if you make a online purchase he even gets to know of your Credit Card or SSN no. This is catastrophic .

This is what most spyware are. They are one of the most used softwares by hackers. So when it is so dangerous why is it free. It's like some medicine when when given to a patient cures him but when consumed by a normal person can kill him.

Keyloggers are of several type

  • Normal
  • Parental control
  • Spy
First 2 have been described above. There one is the dangerous one. This will send all the info
to a predefined mail id instead of storing it as a file. If you can make your victim download this then you can see all his keystrokes.Here is the list of all the popular keyloggers availible at download.com

Popular Keyloggers

This will take you to download.com. This contains all the key popular keyloggers just decide for yourself what your need is and download it.

Because keylogger is a manace there are several anti keylogger sofwares. Just visist this link to download a anti keylogger and protect yourself from hackers.

Popular Anti- Keyloggers (download them even if you are a pro)

Arrest for using keyloggers in a wrong manner are very common. Be very careful how you use it. Spying on your kids or employees or relatives is fine to some extend but any other spying is a crime.


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Nice Sharing.. Can you please let me know if using keylogger is hacking or not ?

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