Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Basic :Hack any website

Hacking means means breaking into something(account or something like that) and accessing their stuffs. I will show you how to access the stuffs of any website easily. This info is for beginner who are interested in Hacking. In case you are a pro then this is of no use to you.

Before i begin you need to know some basics. You are a client( i mean your comp) and the website you want to visit is the server(i again mean the comp where the website is located). The website has a software called server software that will process your quire and you will be able to see a site. When you type www.***. com. Your browser will determine to which IP should it send this data based on the address you type. Now at the server side the server software will read the URL and display a page or do some specific task.

Any website is actually a folder. A folder may have sub folders. Generally a file named default.html or home.html or some thing like that(the default page) is present for every website. If you simply enter www.*** .com then you it will(server software) display "Default.html" or the default page. but if you type www.*** .com/page1.html then it will display the html file "page1". Such a file is present for every folder but if you type www.*** .com/blog/123.html then this page 123.html is shown.

If the url of the website is www.*** .com/image/pic.gif then you are actually accessing "pic.gif file" in the "image folder" of the server. Now by replacing pic.gif to ant other stuff you will be able to access access all other images. Just remember enter the name based on site like if the site is on cars dont enter bank.gif instead try car related stuffs.Another hint people generally use pic1 or image1 as names if they dont get a appropriate name.Just stick to trial and error and you will surely be successful.

Similarly you can access many such folders all that you need to do is explore the site you are planning to hack. You will get a lot of folders and in turn lot of files.

This is just pure basics that you need to know in case you are planning a bigger attack.If you found this useful please digg it


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