Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sending .Exe or .Zip files via Gmail

Al though Gmail is the best mail around we would have been more happy if some of its great features were not available. One such is attachment restrictions.

Gmail does not allow us to upload files that have the following extension .exe, .zip, .dll, .tar, among others..This is a great feature as it eliminates the chances of us receiving virus.But some time if get a software/ important files through Gmail we will not receive it.So what do you do?? Of course ask the guy to send it to some other mail.But no more we have a few solution .

  • Just go to . Log in with your Gmail/Google account.Just choose a name for your webpage. Now chuck everything and just upload your file(it has to be less than 10 mb). Now get the link of the file which is something like paste this link in your mail and sens it. When the fellow clicks on the link he will get the file.

  • If you dont wish to use google pages you can even try out sites like mb) , or .If you use rapidsahare or megaupload you can upload large files but chances are that it may not exist on their server for a long time.

  • Instead of zipping it try raring it. I mean use WinRar instead of WinZip to compress it.

  • There is even a simpler way. All that you need to do change the extension. if the file is .exe change it to .exei or any fake extensions now all that the receiver has to do it download it ans change back the extension to .exe


Anonymous said...

It seems that gmail is now even scanning for code and renaming the .exe does not work.

Anonymous said...

Thats bull, i just tested it and it works great!

Just rename them and then put instructions to rename it in the body of the email.


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