Thursday, August 16, 2007

Google Notifier

The Gmail Notifier is an stylish and useful application that alerts you when you receive a new Gmail messages. It displays an icon in your system tray to let you know if you have unread Gmail messages, and shows you their subjects, senders and snippets, all without your having to open a web browser. But it doesn't allow you to highlight or ignore certain mail with filters Gmail Notifier announces new threads in a Gmail account. You can go to the Gmail Inbox directly from Gmail Notifier.

It works fine with both Windows(except vista) & Mac .It has the following features

  • Check for new messages once every 2 min.
  • See snippet's from unread messages.
  • Select a sound to indicate when you have new mail.
  • Create a new Google Calendar event and see upcoming events ( Mac only).
  • Write a new message without visiting
  • Go directly to your Gmail Inbox .

If you regularly use Gtalk then there is no need to dwld Notifier as it comes bundled with Gtalk

For those who dont use Gtalk

Download Google Notifier


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