Sunday, August 19, 2007

Google finance now availaible on Gcal

Yes you can view stock prices on Google Calender.This will give you the closing price of your stock each day.

Each stock quote is taken as a event .Every day the event is updated to show the latest price of the stock.

To be able to do this from your home Calendar screen,

  • Type your desired ticker symbol into the search field at the top (for google it's GOOG)

  • Click "Search Public Calendars."

  • Look for a result that says "Google Finance Calendar for [company name]"

  • Click "Add to Calendar."

  • Click "Back to Calendar" on the top left of the same page.

Now you will be able to see the latest closing price of the stock


Richard Jackson said...

Has this feature been withdrawn? I can't even search public calendars - just get the option to browse. Then I get a list of national holidays by country - not what I'm looking for.

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